2009 Linguistics Conference

Main theme of the conference: Can a second language be learned with much less effort than a native learns it as his mother tongue?

The background stories on this theme: In the Spring (April to June) 2008, Jason Tyler Gong (age 24) showed the world (via Chinese media, 5 newspapers and 6 TV stations) that Chinese written language can be mastered in 89 days, gaining the ability to read Chinese newspaper from an initial condition of not knowing a single Chinese word. Those news reports and TV broadcasts on Jason's story are available at http://www.chinese-etymology.com
In September 2008, Henry Miles Gong (age 22) challenged the world (including 100 American universities, such as, Harvard, Yale, USC, etc.) to examine his challenge that he can beat Jason's record and reach Jason's level in 60 days. Henry, indeed, completed his challenge successfully, and his study log is available for the world to review.

The issues for the conference:

  1. Are the stories of Jason and Henry hoaxes?

  2. As the stories of Jason, Henry and 100 more kids are facts, the answer for the main theme is positive. Then,

  3. Are there different kinds of nature language? How to classify them?
    Every language must consist of, at least, two parts, syntax (the basic unit for meaning, a concrete object or a concept) and sentence (the composite meaning from the composite of syntax). Then, what are the differences between languages?

  4. Is the premise -- a second language can be learned with less effort than a native learns it as his mother tongue -- valid only if the language in question is an axiomatic system?

  5. Consciousness of educator -- If a discipline can be learned in days (instead of years) with a newly discovered procedure, can educators' conscious allow them to waste students' lives away by teaching the old way, especially if the public is not knowing the issue?
Who should attend this conference: Educators, linguists or anyone who is teaching a second language, such as teacher of ESL or teacher who teaches Chinese in American schools.

Date of the conference: July 11 to July 13, 2009

Venue of the conference: City of Industry, California

Invitation of paper: Any paper which discusses the above issues is welcome. Please submit an abstract (less than 400 words) to Conference Organizing Committee before May 10, 2009.

Conference fee: $350 per person. $300 for early bird who registers before May 30, 2009. $250 for any approved paper presenter. Please make check payable to Chinese Etymology.

Conference organizing committee: Contact information:
2009 Linguistics Conference organizing committee
P.O. Box 4794
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Tel: (626)369-0926
Email: tienzen.gong@gmail.com

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