China Studies

Every culture (ancient or contemporary) must address two fundamental issues:

  1. The meaning of human existence.
  2. How to improve the human life.
The Western culture encompasses two oppose forces: The Western culture addressed the two fundamental issues above time and again by these two oppose forces and made advancement with each battle. The Western civilization now encompasses the followings:
  1. The meaning of human life -- an established Christian religion.
  2. The improving of human life:
After the Opium War of 1840s, two questions arose in concerning the Chinese culture, Although these two questions were addressed by many before, I would like to discuss them with the following questions:
  1. Did Chinese create a home-made religion? Was the question of meaning of human life answered in Chinese culture? Is that answer better or worst than the Western answer (Christian religion)?
  2. Why did Chinese not create science, especially physics? Were Chinese not concerning the mystery of nature? Or, did Chinese already discover the mystery of nature thousands years ago?
  3. Does Chinese culture have the capability to address the two fundamental issues above? If Chinese language were unable to describe the mystery of nature, then it would not have had the ability to address the two fundamental issues above. If Chinese language were not an intelligent design itself, it would not have been able to address any intelligent issue. Thus, by understanding the internal intelligence of the Chinese language, a judgement for the above questions and issues can be made right the way.
I am addressing the above questions with the following essays.