Mystery of Body meridians

Body meridian is the bed rock of Chinese medicine. But, it is invisible from Western Anatomy. In a recent textbook on body meridian published by a Chinese Medicine Institute, it made two statements.
  1. Body meridian is, indeed, invisible with Anatomy.
  2. Body meridian is a very useful concept in diagnose and in curing human illness. And this statement is supported by thousands years of practices and millions of successful cases.

When a concept has millions of successful cases and is repeatable for thousands of years, it cannot be a voodoo magic. It must be a truth (scientific truth) although it does not use the scientific terminology and scientific methodology. During the SARS epidemic, there was no antibiotic able to kill the SARS virus. The Chinese medicine was very effective for winning that battle. The Chinese medicine was matured about two thousand years ago, and there were not much significant advancement ever since. So, in Chinese medical doctrine, it had no the slightest idea about bacteria and virus. All of those were lumped into one term, the external evil Chi (influences). Because of not knowing the exact nature of those external evils, the strategy of Chinese medicine was to strengthen the body defense system to fend off whatever of those external evils. The premise is that a healthy body will be definitely able to rid of all external evils. This strategy and this premise forced the ancient Chinese to find out of how the body operates its defense. The result of this research was the body meridian doctrine.

Before I go any further, I must make a comparison between the Chinese and the Western medicines. Western medicine finds out the exact nature of the external evil first and then makes a silver bullet to kill it. But, almost every silver bullet will always kill quite a few of innocent bystanders. We all know about the side-effect of every medicine, don't we? Thus, for every recovery from an illness, we will definitely get that much more side-effect damage to our body. On the other hand, Chinese strategy does not truly give a damn about what the true nature of this external evil is (as it was unable to know about it anyway at those days), and it simply strengthens the weak area and mends the broken portion of the body defending fence. Thus, every recovery will get that much better as all the broken fences are mended. Many people in Chinese history 2000 years ago were having the longevity of over 70, 80 or 100 years. Confucius was not a well-to-do person; yet he lived over 70 some years. For over 2000 years, 80% of persons in Chinese history (those marked their name in history) enjoyed good longevity, most of them over 70 years old. This bit of statistics is irrefutable as the most of their achievements which marked history were done at their senior ages. There must be a very, very good longevity program those days, 2000 years ago.

Most of Americans nowadays believe in Acupuncture. But, they only view it as an expensive Aspirin. When both aspirin and tylenol fail, they turn to acupuncture as the last pain killer. The Western medical institutions are still not interested in knowing of how and why acupuncture works, while the success of acupuncture is not only irrefutable but often un-imaginable. The major reason is that the Meridian Doctrine (which is the only pillar of the acupuncture) is way beyond the grasp of those Western institutions. So, acupuncture is allowed but not talked or discussed.

Acupuncture is only a very, very, very small application of the Meridian Doctrine, not even one percent of its scope. However, we cannot blame the Western Medical Institutions' position on this. Seeing is believing. Even the modern day Chinese admits that the meridian is invisible by Anatomy. How can it be a science if it is invisible? As the founder of Prequark physics (please visit, all I know and care about is science. If we cannot re-walk its developing path, it will remain as a magic forever, and it should be so. But, but, but, the ancient Chinese stated that the Meridian Doctrine was developed via anatomic work. In the Chapter 12 (Meridian Flow) of volume two (the Spiritual Body) of Yellow Emperor's Chinese Medical Canon, it wrote, "We do not know how high the sky is, we do not know how wide the earth is. For meridian, we can follow the lines to measure it when a person is alive. We can see it when we dissect a corpse (cadaver)." Then why does Chinese today admit that meridian is invisible? There are two reasons for this. One, in the past 2000 years, no such works were recorded. Two, the Western way of Anatomy is unable to see the meridian. The modern Chinese knows only the Western Anatomy today. After my reading of Yellow Emperor's Canon, I discovered that there is a different view on anatomy, and it used a completely different methodology from the way of the West.

Before any comparison of these two different methodologies, let's briefly talk about what the Meridian Doctrine is.
  1. It has 12 cardinal meridians. Each meridian begins at the tip of fingers or toes. This is the key, the key of everything. For hands, three meridians go along the palm (the inner, the Yin) and into the body. Three meridians go along the back of the hand (the outer, the Yang). Each Yin meridian goes into the body and interacts mainly with one organ, while it could react with another organ in a minor way. Yin meridian does not go into the head. Each Yang meridian works similar to a Yin meridian, but every Yang meridian also goes to the head. There are three Yin and three Yang meridians for hands, three Yin and three Yang for foot, a total of twelve.
  2. There are 15 jumpers which connect the 12 meridians in some very complicated ways.
  3. There are eight Odd Meridians which do not start from the tips of fingers or toes.
  4. There are many nodes (the acupuncture points) along these meridians.
  5. The functions of the organs can be adjusted via these nodes.
This is the Meridian Doctrine. This is it. Just this simple. Now, we know what it is. But, why? We say there are nodes. We puncture them with needles, and it works. Yet, when we cut open those node points, we see nothing. We cannot find any difference between a node point and the tissues beside it. This is what the meridian is invisible means.

Now, we are able to make a comparison between the Western Anatomy and the Body Meridian Doctrine. The major difference is the different views of what a (living) body is.
  1. For the West, Anatomy is like to cut open a box and to find out what items are inside the box. The emphasis is on the items inside the box, and how do those items relate to each other?
  2. For Meridian Doctrine, the emphasis is on the Box. How does this box bundle the internal items together to form a living body?
This is it. This is all the difference.

In order to find out where a strand of hair came from which part of the scalp in a pigtail braids, that pigtail must be un-braided. From the same logic, the Meridian dissection must begin at the tips of the extremities.

  1. The Western Anatomy sees that the bones (including the backbones) as the framework (the skeleton) which supports the soft organs, tissues and parts.
  2. The Meridian Doctrine sees that the bones, organs, tissues and parts are loose items which need to be boxed to form a living body.
The meridian dissection discovers that the internal organs and bones are boxed with,
  1. Twelve cardinal meridians (which start at the tips of extremities) as tie-bends to box up the internal organs.
  2. Eight Odd meridians (which do not begin at the tips of extremities), intersecting and intertwining with the 12 cardinal meridians.
  3. Fifteen more jumpers which tie this twenty (12 + 8) tie-bends together.
They (12, 8, 15) form a cage to box the internal organs inside and to form a living body. Without this meridian cage, those internal items are just piles of dead meat. And, there are three sub-systems underneath this meridian system.
  1. Muscle system, it is somewhat parallel to the meridian system.
  2. Nerve system, it is again somewhat parallel to the meridian system.
  3. Highway system,
    • Circulatory (blood) system
    • Lymphatic system
    Note: the Circulatory and the Lymphatic systems are connected via thoracic duct and venous system to form a highway system of the body.
    This highway system is again somewhat parallel to the meridian system.
These three systems are only sub-systems of this tie-bend system. They are not the tie-bend (meridian) system. This tie-bend system forms a cage which boxes in a living force. Thus, this tie-bend system itself is an energy system. In addition to the three sub-systems above, this tie-bend system is an energy (Chi, in Chinese term) flow system.

Thus, how good or strong a living force is depends entirely on how nice it is packed. If it is packed too loose, it rattles, and it needs to be tightened. If it is too tight, it is too tense, and it needs to be loosen. Fortunately, every tie-bend forms with two ends. The tension of a tie-bend can be adjusted at this joint point. This joint point is called an acupuncture point (AC point). There are 365 AC points. In Meridian Doctrine, there were not any theoretical calculation for how many AC points should be in a body. Those AC points were discovered over the years. As a theoretical physicist, I will give a theoretical calculation on AC points now. This calculation is all mine.
  1. Each meridian has one joint place (one AC point). So, 12 + 8 = 20
  2. There are at least one intersection among each meridian. So, 12 x 8 = 96
  3. There are at least one intersection among each meridian and each jumpers. So, (12 + 8) x 15 = 300
So, the total AC points should be 416. But, there are only 365 AC points were found after very intense search for three to four thousand years. There is one possibility. Some AC points (51) are overlapped. Those overlapped AC points must rank higher than other points. Indeed, there are about 50 AC points among 365 having more effectiveness than other points. Now, the meaning of the Meridian Doctrine becomes very clear.
  1. It is a tie-bend system.
    • Every internal organ is individually wrapped by, at least, one tie-bend.
    • The entire internal organs, including the bone system, are packed inside with this tie-bend system.
    • The tension of a tie-bend can be adjusted via its joint, the AC point.
    • The condition of the organ can be adjusted by adjusting its tie-bend.
  2. It is a pipeline system, as the nerve system, the circulatory and the lymphatic systems are all its sub-systems. Again, via the AC points, these pipelines can be adjusted.

It is now very obvious. This Meridian Doctrine is very simple, very clear and very true. But, why did it become a great mystery of mankind before this writing? There are two reasons. The superficial reason is that this anatomic work was not performed for over 2000 years. There are again two reasons for this.
  1. The meridian system was fully understood, and there was no reason to repeat its work. To distrust the wisdom of the ancient was and still is a great sin for Chinese.
  2. This anatomic work must be prohibited for many thousand years.
The true reason that the Meridian Doctrine became a great mystery must because that this anatomic work was prohibited for many thousand years. But, why? why the prohibition? It is not too difficult to find out why after I understood the Meridian Doctrine in its entirety. Its knowledge on how a meridian (a tie-bend) effects an organ is shocking. There was no chance of any kind that the ancient Chinese was able to discover those kind of knowledge by dissecting a cadaver. Those knowledge must be obtained by dissecting a person alive. Thus, this anatomic work must be prohibited after the knowledge was obtained. How the knowledge of Meridian Doctrine was gained could never be revealed, and it was presented as a mystery, a great wisdom of a sage which can never be challenged or be repeated. As any great sage of the ancient could not be too much smarter than us, I am very certain that my theory on this is true. As those works were done a few thousand years ago, I do not want to discuss them on any moral terms. I present my theory for one and only purpose, to remove the mystery. The Meridian Doctrine was not a mystery but an ancient scientific work.

Western Anatomy is the knowledge of the cadavers. The Meridian Doctrine sees human body to be a living force which is a holistic unity. Anyone who talks about anti-aging without knowing the Meridian Doctrine, he is most likely as a blind riding on a blind horse.

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Very interesting. I agree with much of what has been said.


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